Saturday, November 21, 2009

Small Worlds

I think you'll find this to be a deeply satisfactory way to waste a spare half hour of your time. A curious, atmospheric little exploration game. Click Here To Play

Monday, November 09, 2009


I have a record player once again! It came out of the blue really, my girlfriend called to tell me she had something for me when she came through on Saturday. I was mildly curious, but didn't push for any info as she seemed to want to keep it a surprise. Anyway, as surprises go, it takes a bit of beating. It belonged to her late father, but had been gathering dust for some time. I'd actually seen it at her house, but thought it was just a radio, so thought nothing else of it until I opened the box on Saturday. Let's just say that the importance of being able to play my Flying Saucer Attack albums again cannot be underplayed, and I was rather overjoyed. It might not be state of the art, it might be a glorified dansette, it might sound a bit tinny, but fuck it! Most of the music I own is 'a bit tinny'. It works and I can hear stuff again that I will never track down on CD without bankrupting myself. The downside of this development is that I now have around twenty albums duplicated on CD. I just hate the thought of paying twice for anything.................. Bah! Anyway, Hallelujah! I can now assault the 2nd hand record shops of Glasgow & Leith Walk with impunity and rejoin the legions of vinyl nerds, leafing & sneezing their way through the racks of grimy dust jackets once more..................