Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hup Holland Hup!

Ah, total football. A lovely idea, but sadly, all too beatable with the correct organisation. As for Sunday's final, may the best team win, as long as I'm not bored shitless the way I was on Wednesday night.

Prediction? Much as I'd love to see Holland win, I tip Spain to nullify the Dutch and just do enough to win the old Joolz Reemay. Just like they've done in any other game I've ever seen them play.............

No Fun!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Listen To This! No 19

More Sensational Alex Harvey Band. No Complaints Department.

The song that gloriously rounded off their last LP. Or at least it did in the original pressings. Due to various obscure legal reasons too ridiculous to get into here, it was jettisoned from the later pressings of the original release, as well as in subsequent re-issues. Sad really, as it's the most wonderful, concise, bitter-sweet assessment of life I've ever heard.

The slide video lacks picture quality, but I like it nonetheless.

Listen To This! No 18

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band do their utmost to move an audience of Norwegian hippies towards something approaching a state of alertness, in 1974. Just.

For an idea of how much Harvey developed the routine for this song, here's the recording he did with his 'Soul Band' ten years earlier.