Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Prostitution In The Isle Of Man

"Remember when putting something on the internet was the equivalent of hiding it in a vault on a planet your parents had never even heard of?"  Rob Delaney

My dad uses Facebook.  Or should I say, Facebook uses him.  Had my dear mother lived to see it, she'd no doubt have rolled her eyes, snorted in derision and gone back to watching Coronation Street.

It's holiday snaps mainly.  Nowt kinky.......

The amusement on Facebook this weather is observing people still failing to understand that an injudicious choice of words can destroy friendships, rent families asunder and make you look a bit of a twat.  The moment I realised that the culture of Facebook was anti-anonymity, and that I personally knew 80% of my FB "friends" was the day I buttoned it and decided to hold my council.  Something that sits a bit too uncomfortably with me.

Twitter was great for a while. Getting to say cuntish things to vile famous people can never be anything other than awesome, but only having a handful of words to work with can break your spirit a tad.  How do you convey your bottomless contempt for a shit like Donald Trump in only 140 characters?

So we come full circle. 

Nothing new to say, but al the room in the world to say it.