Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oops! I Seem To Have Mis-Judged The Mood Of The Nation With That Last Post

What was I thinking? I mean, holiday snaps when I should have been addressing the hot issues of the day? Issues like "SNP Scum Unfit To Govern", "Well, That's Our Holiday In Scotchland Cancelled Dear" and "Is There Really Any Difference Between Justice and Vengeance, and Does It Ultimately Matter A Fuck?"
I ask these questions simply because my week of peace, quiet and beer quaffing in Fife was rudely fucked over by the whole Megrahi-gate fandango. (Ha! Am I the first to use that one? I do hope so). Could I outrun the shower of bullshit on this one? Could I fuck! It was easier to avoid the intermittent pissing rain that infested the east of Scotland last week. Every time I opened a paper or turned on the radio, it was there, nagging away like an itch in yr sinuses.
I'm actually quite happy they released him. Now we get to see if our tourist industry can survive without the Yank influx. Maybe we could concentrate on the Europeans and Japanese instead. Unless of course we've become a true pariah state and our name is now mud all over the planet.
Maybe we should form a pact with North Korea and Iran, eh?
For me, the most amusing thing about this has been the reaction from opposition MSP's. What a bunch of craven, cowardly fucks! Had the positions been reversed, each of the three remaining parties would have released Megrahi. As sure as Jim Murphy is the creepiest man alive.
Labour, of course, would have had special assistance from London in all this and would have been able to see to it that the guy was squeezed out of the country with minimal fuss. In fact, I'm willing to bet the warders at Greenock clink would only just now be discovering the balloon head and pillows under the sheets in the cell of Mr 'L. Bomber'. Fact. Wouldn't want the fucker holding out long enough to see through his appeal now, would we?
For all their pious posturing, both Lib Dem and Tory parties know that this is one of those situations when they really do not fucking want to be in power. They know that had they been in a position to do so, they'd have made the same decision as the SNP, a decision based upon Scots law, Mr Al Megrahi's impending mortality and other rather dry, un-emotional fact based issues. Still, it's always nice to stick the boot in, especially once the media, Westminster and White House have softened up your target. Add to that square headed yank military types with all scrambled egg on their tunics, the 'political commentators' and thousands of foaming mouthed internet masturbators waiting in the wings
I tell what though, you really know you're on to plums when a fool like Jack McConnell feels brave enough to stick his head above the parapet and take pot-shots at you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

God Bless These People!

There's nothing quite so heart-warming as humourless, paranoid, xenophobic, gun rubbing Yank Conservatives. All I need is the liberal leftie equivelent and I have the set! Oh yeah, I forgot, they're all on my FUCKING FACEBOOK FUCKING PAGE POSTING SHIT UP EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!! Get a blog you cunts! Update: If you thought that blog was mental.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Has It Really Been A Year?

It is now almost a year since we pitched up at what was to become our Townhead Guerrilla Gardening site and with the aid of Richard Reynolds, Gail Porter, some cameras from Sky TV and a gaggle of now suspiciously absent volunteers, we set about hacking down the undergrowth outside St Mungos primary school. Over the past year we have somewhat transformed this patch in our own under-funded and slightly ad-hoc manner. In spite of the sneerings of 'proper gardeners' and the usual tourists who thought we were going to supply them with stuff to plant like it was some kind of nursery school playtime activity, we've done rather well. The upper section looks after itself, the top part of the lower section is well on its way and the veg patch is taking off far better than we had dared hope. All that remains is to do a mass bulb bombing of the lower section heading towards the bus stop and the main road. With this done, we can concentrate on under-planting and various other projects in the upper sections which can be handled well within our budgetary constraints. May I also thank those readers who contributed to my last 'Ten Thousand Bulb Appeal' appeal. Here are our totals so far........ Well, we need a few more tenners people! Clairwil has banged a fair wedge of her own cash into this, and I'll be putting in what I can each month. If you haven't had a look and fancy giving a few quid to this project, simply read on: So, what do you get for your tenner? Ok, let me break it down (in a very rough manner) 10p buys a single bulb £1 buys ten bulbs £10 buys one hundred bulbs £100 buys one thousand bulbs £955 buys the full ten thousand There! Not so daunting now............ "~ What I'm getting at is that your standard ten pound donation (via paypal on this site) will make a sizeable impact upon the site. Even a fiver, if funds are low, will do a world of good. As I said, Clairwil has already invested, and I intend to push what I can each month towards the bulb fund, as I'm somewhat ashamedly a bit behind in this respect, not to mention just as broke as the rest of ya ;) A full update of the bulb planting we intend to do, as well as some extensive photography when they come through in the Spring will be forthcoming and you'll get to see exactly what your contributions have gone towards creating.


On the top ten leaderboard of minor illnesses and afflictions, throat infections have to be pretty damn near the top. Raw and inflamed throat? Check! Discomfort when eating anything with that doesn't have the consistency of porridge? Check! Can't have a drink because it makes it ten times worse? Check! Temperature thru the roof? Check! Fucksticks!! Then you get the ulcers on your uvula, that really is a special joy to behold, along with when you wake up and feel like you have a half brick lodged in yr throat. In other news, I gave my old, long suffering pc it's Viking burial recently and have a shiny now piece of kit, complete with the rather snazzy, yet slightly frustrating 'Windows Vista'. The Youtube vids still takes ages to buffer though............ >:(
It's weird though. Using my dads laptop used to be the very definition of luxury. Now it feels like a 48k Sinclair Spectrum with half its rubber keys missing and no added RAM. Still, there's loads of stuff on the old pc that I lost and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it back. No, I'm not referring to my Frankie Vaughn collection................
Photos I've taken over the past two years or so look to be irretrievable. Speedway stuff, vid clips, various other bits and bobs I used to rely on. I sometimes wonder what I got an external drive for in the first place, other than to rest my feet upon.........

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Headless Ukeman Patrt2

Another silly song. Wonder how long I can keep this going.............