Friday, April 03, 2009

Anarchy In The UK(ulele)

I love my Uke! I've only had it a week and already I can play Smoke On The Water........... Actually, that's a total lie, and you all know it. I haven't even managed 'Bobby Shaftoe' or 'Michael Row The Boat Ashore' yet, but it's a lovely thing to be able to pick it up, fiddle about with the tunings and find new chords that one day I might be able to mangle together into a song. It's also performed the function of getting me interested in playing again. Believe me, after the ukulele, my acoustic guitar no longer seems like such a chore, and the electric is a breeze to play. As one who takes nothing to do with barre chords, the uke is a bit of a bitch to play, but I've spent half of tonight figuring out some really nice sounding open chords that even the most club fisted struggler with 'stupid fingers' can play with ease. Can I also just say "Ha! Ha! Fuck You Barry Ferguson!! Ya over-rated wee tadger! I bet the guys who went and backed you up to keep you in the squad are wishing they hadn't bothered now............. The Monster Munch Committee is now adjourned.................. One final football mention. Rafa Benitez, manager of Liverpool gets the phrase 'squeaky bum time' thrown at him by some dinlow hack. Poor guy, he probably thought it was a new pole dancing bar that had opened up in Liverpool, and was expecting to hear that several of his players had been to see what was on offer................ Ok, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers now............. Born To Lose


Planet Mondo said...

You don't have use all fingers with barre chords - just crank the distortion, cover the E-A-D strings only , and whack the bastards - CLANG...

And perhaps try alt.tunings

Drop D, Drop Double D (Cinnamon Girl's a breeze)
DADGAD or Open G

For your acoustic - you can get some truly lovely tones

Cocktails said...

So who do you prefer? Tiny Tim or Victoria Wood?


iLL Man said...

PM - I have a huge thumb reach to compensate for the limits of my forefinger (it gets cramped and it's not very strong) On electric this isn't a problem as such, but on acoustic it's a bit more of a limitation. I'll maybe give those tunings a go. Cheers!

Cocktails - George Formby.

Some Chilean Woman said...

I want video footage of you playing, I'm greedy like that.

iLL Man said...

Careful what you wish for....... "~