Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Listen To This! No5

Jale. Canadian early 90's female quartet. From Halifax Nova Scotia I think. Indie shmindie, but very catchy. That song is called Promise and it's ok. This one is 'Not Happy', & it's better, but the fuckers won't allow embedding for some reason or other. Enjoy!


Cocktails said...

Well thanks Ill Man, this stuff makes me feel... really old. It's just so damn early 90s. Even the clips (especially Not Happy) is so early 90s it's unbelievable. It feels like a another era (one ruled by the Breeders in their case!).

But hey, it's better to be feeling old because of Jale than Stiv Bators.

So how are you? Are you back?!

iLL Man said...

Yeah. Suppose I am. I'm putting more effort into my other blogs at the moment though. Cheers anyway! How's you?

Cocktails said...

I'm alright. Truly sick of winter though.

I see you've been enjoying the football though (through your other blogs). Have you seen any of Jonathan Meades recent series on Scotland? The one looking at the names of football clubs was great. Daft glasses aside, he is very good at getting to the truth of things.

iLL Man said...

Not to worry, it'll soon be gone. Yeah, footy is my only sporting outlet until the speedway season starts, and it hasn't been too much fun. I may be getting some pictures published as a result of the Brake Club blog, so it's looking like it's been worth the minimal input I've made to it over tha past two years.... ;)

I haven't seen the Meades programme. I like him though, very amusing and dry, but with a whiff of elistist obnoxiousness that you have to work through first.