Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Final Word

Good Night & God Bless. It's been a blast........

Thanks: Cocktails, Szelsofa, Clairwil, Kim, Larry, Rodent, Velo Gubbed Legs, Some Chilean Woman, Curlews In The Goyt, Billy, Last Years Girl, Binty, Edge Of Nowhere, Machine Gun Thompson, Oblong Scone, Bete de Jour, Alan @ This Moment (still much missed) and many more who popped in and out over the years. Dave Duff, I'm happy to report, is still a cunt.


Kim Ayres said...

Does this mean you're abandoning your blog for good?

Cocktails said...

Er, are you trying to tell us something...?

iLL Man said...

Kim - Abandoning it? Yes. For good? Not sure. It will remain where it is as a warning to future generations. Think of it as leaving your car at the airport and buying a one way ticket to Peru. You might come back in a years time and find they've towed the fucker away, or you may never come back and it sits there rusting until the end of time. Not sure where I'm going with this analogy, but wtf... ;) See you about Kim.

Cocktails - See above. I'll be by your place and my pics will still go up at Gasoline Rainbows. Sadly, a certain social networking site seems to be more geared towards my current preferences in internet communications. i.e. short & sweet. Not sure if yr on arsebook, but you can find me under Ewen Nicolson.

Bon Voyage!

Cocktails said...

Dammit, we seem to losing bloggers like no tomorrow at the moment. What's happened to that Clairwil too?!

I'm not on arsebook, but am sort of but not really on twitter...

Don't stop ranting!

iLL Man said...

Never thought the day would come Cocktails, but I just don't have the inclination any more. I've said all I want to say in this format. Anything more would just be repetition. Unless someone wants to pay me of course, in which case, I'll happilly repeat myself until doomsday.

last year's girl said...

Aw, man! Well, it's been a fair good ride mate. Hope I'll bump into you somewhere around soon. And I will keep subscribed, in case of future developments x

iLL Man said...

Cheers Lis. It's all been drifting away over the last year or so I'm afraid. It's been fun though. Made some friends. Lost some friends. Made & lost some friends in the same month...... Usual nonsense. Some good nostalgia trips to be had in the archives too.

There's a special message in the post by the way....... ;)

Oblong said...

It wont be the same without you iLL Man. It will be very similar - but it wont be the same.

Best of luck in all things and stuff.

Anonymous said...

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Ewen Nicolson said...

Oblong - Matt, that will be on my tombstone. Or urn......

Anonymous - I'm sure you're quite correct.