Saturday, January 19, 2008

Canal Walk

It's always a pleasure to see a swan, especially on a cold, dark, blustery day by the canal. The rugby folk were setting up behind me for the Heinekin Cuptie between Glasgow Warriors and Saracens at Firhill Stadium, but I was far more interested in what lay at the waterside. The Firhill Basin is an excellent sanctuary for water birds, a place to fart about, rest up, train the 'young-uns'..........

It's just a pity there wasn't a little more light.


Cocktails said...

Ah, I do like a swan. I used to like walking up the canal in the other direction, towards the locks in Maryhill. Lots of birds that way too.

I am near a canal in London and get to see swans most mornings from the train window on the way to work - always strangely soothing.

iLL Man said...

I've never actually been to the locks in Maryhill. One day I'll take a wee trundle up. I'm more likely to be seen floating about Port Dundas.