Friday, April 11, 2008

The iLL Man Makes Music

For the last five years, I have been accumulating little snippets of music on a four track recorder. Until now, they have remained on old TDK tapes, only heard by myself. Two tracks found their way onto Myspace, along with a few studio recordings I did, but apart from that, my musical output is almost nil. Taking my lead from Youtube recording legend Tay Zonday (who I like to think stole most of his moves from me), I have decided to upload some of these tracks. I shall release them in pairs, like singles, with an 'A Side' and a 'B Side'. Just like the olden days.

A - Resignation Song

B - Find Me A Place To Hide


last year's girl said...

Yay, sad bastard music, and lo-fi loveliness at that. Love it.

iLL Man said...

Ah, you obviously never heard me play these live...........

When Kurtz uttered his immortal words "The Horror! The Horror!", he wasn't referring to the Heart of Darkness. No, he'd just come back from seeing me at 'The Goat Club'.