Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rick Rolling Rights And Wrongs

Just how much mileage can you get out of a video of an adenoidal, badly dressed man with a mountainous quiff?

If you've never had the pleasure of being 'Rick Rolled', it's a recent internet phenomenon whereby you click on a link to something you want to see, but instead you're rewarded with something you resolutely didn't want to see, i.e, the worst pop song of 1987.

It has to be said, the link that Blogger stuck in their updates page promising a rundown of a new feature, was, if anything, even more horrific. If you've never experienced the baritone bullshit of Tay Zonday, then count yourselves lucky.
For those with strong stomachs, check out his 'internet hit' Chocolate Rain. The guy's like a Sesame Street Jas Mann

I suppose 'Rick Rolling' it's one of those things that can be done when posting any link, it needn't be Rick Astley, but it seems nobody has gotten round to more extreme takes on the theme. I await the day someone links to a live trepanning video in lieu of some celebrity porn. The Rick Astley gag probably wore thin worldwide after about a month, but somehow or other people always seem to take time to have a good old chortle over it. It's a bit like humouring the office wanker I suppose...........

My theory is that someone put in the wrong link on a mass consumption website by accident and forget about it. Suddenly, instead of people saying 'Ha! You listen to shit music!', the mistake is instead being hailed as the work of an online situationist prankster genius. I mean, it could just as easily have been a link to the web masters favourite animal porn site. 'Yeah! You been Doggy Rolled!!' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, though 'Urgh! You fucking sick cunt' certainly does..........

Anyway, In my own haphazard little way, I've probably led, oh, dozens of people to websites they have little or no interest in..........................

Including this one.

Athlete Cured by The Fall

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