Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anyone Fancy A Bit Of Gardening?

Clairwil needs a few helping hands with a little project she has going. No expertise is required, just enthusiasm. If you're in the Glasgow area and fancy a bit of 'secret gardening', then either get in touch with Clairwil or simply turn up on the night (tomorrow).

Final 'Songs Of Summer' Entry.

No 11: The Beach Boys - Cool Cool Water


Cocktails said...

Nice tune. Does this mean that summer's officially over? Bugger.

dearieme said...

I was told once that the Gaelic for August means literally "The start of the autumn". It's too good a tale to check.

Planet Mondo said...

Love the tune - funnily enough I'm loading up my final summer sounds posts(although one's a repost) with a floral motif too?

*ahcoo* it's the hayfever, you see.

iLL Man said...

Cocktails - It's one of my BB faves. As for summer? Yes, pretty much. Mind you, had it ever started? It must have done, I made a list of summer songs, didn't I? ;`

DM - It's entirely possible, though I'm as likely as you are to check it out ;) To be honest though, this August has been no worse than the month before it for inclement weather. As long as it doesn't fuck about too much with my speedway, I'm not too bothered.........

PM - CCW is one of the hilights of the Sunflower album. They don't write songs like that anymore, obviously recorded in different studios, on different dates. Last one I can think of that charted was Ice Hockey Hair by Super Furry Animals. Anyway, I'm just off over to check yr stuff. Cheers!