Friday, August 08, 2008


If you ever meet this man, plees give him a kick in the shins for me. He won't apresciate it, I'm sure, but I will.
I have no problem with language variations, both spoken and written, they evolve over time, often through isolation and written versions of local dialects. I do however draw the line at lazy fucktard lecturers who would rather indulge the shortcomings of people who can't be arsed looking up a dictionary, than actually taking issue with their inability to spell very simple words.
The fact I can't spel myself is niether here nor there, I shouldn't be indulged. ;)
As a footnote to this nonsense............. My boss asked me how to spell 'International' today. He's older than I am, what's his fucking excuse? Bring back the spelling bee's and handwriting contests!


Cocktails said...

I agree with you. Although language and spelling do change over time, there is no excuse for poor spelling if it just stems from laziness. Particularly in these days of the spell checker!

Having said that, English spelling can be quite stupid much of the time. It's entirely based on looking pretty rather than being practical. e.g. caught / cort

iLL Man said...

Cort? I'd have thought it would be 'cawt'. Therein lies the problem of such spellings. Pick the one that looks most aesthetically pleasing and stick with it. ;)

Cocktails said...

The problem with 'practical' spelling is that it also depends on your accent!