Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Has It Really Been A Year?

It is now almost a year since we pitched up at what was to become our Townhead Guerrilla Gardening site and with the aid of Richard Reynolds, Gail Porter, some cameras from Sky TV and a gaggle of now suspiciously absent volunteers, we set about hacking down the undergrowth outside St Mungos primary school. Over the past year we have somewhat transformed this patch in our own under-funded and slightly ad-hoc manner. In spite of the sneerings of 'proper gardeners' and the usual tourists who thought we were going to supply them with stuff to plant like it was some kind of nursery school playtime activity, we've done rather well. The upper section looks after itself, the top part of the lower section is well on its way and the veg patch is taking off far better than we had dared hope. All that remains is to do a mass bulb bombing of the lower section heading towards the bus stop and the main road. With this done, we can concentrate on under-planting and various other projects in the upper sections which can be handled well within our budgetary constraints. May I also thank those readers who contributed to my last 'Ten Thousand Bulb Appeal' appeal. Here are our totals so far........ Well, we need a few more tenners people! Clairwil has banged a fair wedge of her own cash into this, and I'll be putting in what I can each month. If you haven't had a look and fancy giving a few quid to this project, simply read on: So, what do you get for your tenner? Ok, let me break it down (in a very rough manner) 10p buys a single bulb £1 buys ten bulbs £10 buys one hundred bulbs £100 buys one thousand bulbs £955 buys the full ten thousand There! Not so daunting now............ "~ What I'm getting at is that your standard ten pound donation (via paypal on this site) will make a sizeable impact upon the site. Even a fiver, if funds are low, will do a world of good. As I said, Clairwil has already invested, and I intend to push what I can each month towards the bulb fund, as I'm somewhat ashamedly a bit behind in this respect, not to mention just as broke as the rest of ya ;) A full update of the bulb planting we intend to do, as well as some extensive photography when they come through in the Spring will be forthcoming and you'll get to see exactly what your contributions have gone towards creating.

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