Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oops! I Seem To Have Mis-Judged The Mood Of The Nation With That Last Post

What was I thinking? I mean, holiday snaps when I should have been addressing the hot issues of the day? Issues like "SNP Scum Unfit To Govern", "Well, That's Our Holiday In Scotchland Cancelled Dear" and "Is There Really Any Difference Between Justice and Vengeance, and Does It Ultimately Matter A Fuck?"
I ask these questions simply because my week of peace, quiet and beer quaffing in Fife was rudely fucked over by the whole Megrahi-gate fandango. (Ha! Am I the first to use that one? I do hope so). Could I outrun the shower of bullshit on this one? Could I fuck! It was easier to avoid the intermittent pissing rain that infested the east of Scotland last week. Every time I opened a paper or turned on the radio, it was there, nagging away like an itch in yr sinuses.
I'm actually quite happy they released him. Now we get to see if our tourist industry can survive without the Yank influx. Maybe we could concentrate on the Europeans and Japanese instead. Unless of course we've become a true pariah state and our name is now mud all over the planet.
Maybe we should form a pact with North Korea and Iran, eh?
For me, the most amusing thing about this has been the reaction from opposition MSP's. What a bunch of craven, cowardly fucks! Had the positions been reversed, each of the three remaining parties would have released Megrahi. As sure as Jim Murphy is the creepiest man alive.
Labour, of course, would have had special assistance from London in all this and would have been able to see to it that the guy was squeezed out of the country with minimal fuss. In fact, I'm willing to bet the warders at Greenock clink would only just now be discovering the balloon head and pillows under the sheets in the cell of Mr 'L. Bomber'. Fact. Wouldn't want the fucker holding out long enough to see through his appeal now, would we?
For all their pious posturing, both Lib Dem and Tory parties know that this is one of those situations when they really do not fucking want to be in power. They know that had they been in a position to do so, they'd have made the same decision as the SNP, a decision based upon Scots law, Mr Al Megrahi's impending mortality and other rather dry, un-emotional fact based issues. Still, it's always nice to stick the boot in, especially once the media, Westminster and White House have softened up your target. Add to that square headed yank military types with all scrambled egg on their tunics, the 'political commentators' and thousands of foaming mouthed internet masturbators waiting in the wings
I tell what though, you really know you're on to plums when a fool like Jack McConnell feels brave enough to stick his head above the parapet and take pot-shots at you.


Malc said...

I've said this elsewhere, but I'm proud to live in a country that has both the compassion and courage to allow a dying man one last look at his home, no matter what his crime may have been - and that's the subject of enormous debate.

Scotland the brave, indeed.

last year's girl said...

Definitely right to release him; what angers me is that it was at the expense of his appeal. But could they not have waited til after I got back from the US, I'm scared to go now!!

Cocktails said...

Their big mistake was doing it in August, the 'quiet month'. If he'd been released during one of the usual political crises that this country lurches through during the rest of the year, it probably wouldn't have got nearly as much outraged press coverage.

And Americans won't need to visit nasty old lefty Scotland now anyway, what with Mr Obama's proposed health care reforms threatening to turn their own country into a EVIL COMMUNIST STATE!!

Cocktails said...

Hope you still managed to have a good holiday though!

iLL Man said...

malc - Sadly such a notion is remarkably unfashionable at this juncture in human evolution.

LYG - Yeah, hope you don't get too many idiots asking why 'YOU' released the Lockerbie Bomber.... It'll be that whole "Why did your people kill our Lord" line of inquiry.

Cocktails - I did have a nice holiday apart from that. You may be right about the timing, which seems to have been the biggest bugbear for the other political parties. In essence, they felt the SNP waited until parliament was out to deal with this. Quite why I don't know, I mean, discussing it ad-infinitum would have made no difference, except to make insignifican plamfs like Tavish Scott feel important. The decision was kenny McCaskills to make, and nobody elses, based entirely upon the evidence and representations he had before him.

Anonymous said...

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iLL Man said...

Gawn yrsel big man!!!!!!!!!!