Friday, November 02, 2007

Heroes Of Indy Rock: No1 - Brian Molko/Placebo

Brian Molko, yesterday

Top Single Chart Position - No2
Number of Albums - Four. Maybe five, can't remember.
Signature Songs - 'Nancy Boy', 'Pure Morning', 'Anyone Can Fall In Love', 'Wig Wam Bam'
Weeks In Charts - Too many
No. of Band Members - 3+
No. of Tedious Pseudo-Sexual Deviant Dwarves With High Pitched Voices in Band - 1
No. of Dull Looking Potato Men in Band - 2+
Tales of Hedonism - The night Brian did Crystal Meth & Lemsip in an old folks home in Doncaster.
Last Seen - Leaving a trail of blood & spunk around the country, to general public indifference.

Current Prospects - meh!

Placebo arrive for the 2nd leg of their US tour at the Caerphilly Masons Arms.

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FlyingRodent said...

Christ, you're right - I fucking hate Placebo too. Mrs. Rodent's a huge fan and plays their records satanically.

In fact, thinking on this, that whole nineties Brit scene was stuffed with god-awful bastards.

iLL Man said...

I have to admit I was a bit of a fan back in the day. I was but a pup though and easily impressed. The music hasn't worn well anyway. I'm so jaded about music now that I don't listen to anything made after 1993.

Billy said...

Placebo are ok except when the singing starts, the guitar sound is good though,

iLL Man said...

He's the Geddy Lee of our generation...........