Saturday, February 09, 2008

Georgejonestown - A Demographic Breakdown.

You've heard of Jonestown. You might even have heard of Georgetown. They're not far from each other. I'm wagering however, you've never heard of the Free Nation of Georgejonestown .

Every morning, hundreds of drunken country singers get on their lawn mowers and head into the next town for a bottle of booze and every evening they are met by their buxom, blonde country singing wives, threatening divorce. The economy is self-contained and stable and the populace are, more often than not, very drunk and/or hopped up on pills. The population can be describes as volatile, yet strangely predictable in their behaviour.

The Gross National Product is the Lovelorn Country Ballad and the currency is The Empty Whiskey Bottle.

Current population stands at around 100, of which 50% are female and 50% are out of their tiny fucking minds on any intoxicating substance that comes to hand.


Cocktails said...

That is terrible. Have you been at the sherry again?!

iLL Man said...

Pissed as a fart Coctails. Always the danger with drunken blogging. What amuses you at 11pm after you get home from the pub sometimes doesn't quite translate when read sober.

These things happen I'm afraid.