Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cake Rocks!!

Blossom tree in the back garden

It does! Official!

Ah, the charity bakesale. Nothing more gratifying than seeing the ruddy big sponge cake you brought in, the one you thought you'd have to take home again untouched, get scoffed by the hungry hordes. A special thanks to whoever brought in the iced ginger cake, went very nicely with the coffee.

New work shoes most definitely do not fucking rock.

I seem to have bought the same pair of shoes I had last year, in that they've taken a good few layers of skin off my heels. All I can wear now are my scabby trainers until the wounds heal. Diechmann Shoes are evil, but what can you do when you can't afford a decent pair of Chelsea Boots?

Office speak doesn't, has never and never will 'Rock'

My mother called today to 'touch base'. Eek! What's the world coming to when innocent sixty one year olds are using that sort of language? I gently corrected her, but I fear it may well be a popular phrase with the 'over fifty' crowd already. We're doomed! Doomed!!

Why was she calling me at work? Well, I haven't seen her in a fortnight for one. Quite rightly I felt like a total louse and resolved to go round and annoy my folks at the first opportunity. Since my mothers diagnosis, she's become a very different animal, and she gets a bit worried if she hasn't seen me in a while, something I can maybe be a tad insensitive to at times. Once she knew I was finally buggering off to my own place, her favourite cry was "I won't miss that!", usually in response to one of my less pleasing habits. Maybe I just got used to the notion that they were glad to be shot of me and would be happy to see me a couple of times a month. Illness changes things though and when someone tells you that your time on Earth is a little more finite than you had bargained for, you will want to see your offspring as often as is reasonably possible. Needless to say, chastened, I shall be round at least once a week to get under their feet and remind them of why they wanted shot of me in the first place................... =D


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