Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Mantras

Mantra No1 - Hold your counsel.

Better to say nothing and have people think you a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm the suspicion. It's amazing how few people consider their words on the internet, and how few understand the ramifications of their casually tossed off bullshit.

Mantra No2 - Never mock what you don't understand.

Twitter is something I have no time for. I can think of nothing worse to do with ten minutes of precious free time than go online and tell people what I'm doing at any given moment. I tried it and it was shite. Of course, it wasn't designed for friendless (in the sense that I can count all of mine on the fingers of one hand) twats like me. No, it was made for the go-getter, the jet-setter and the sort of person who 'makes fast friends'. All fine and well, but it seems it has performed it's ultimate function already. It can get you out of that 2 star North African state run 'accommodation' you wound up in while you were acting the arse on yr gap year. For that, I can't praise it highly enough.

Mantra No3 - Never tell people the truth to their faces.

It seems honesty doesn't go down very well with people who have fragile egos.............. In a bit of a comedy moment from yesterday, one of my dimmer colleagues pressed 'reply all' in the email he and a few others were swapping back and forth between themselves. Quite an eye opener it was too................. It seems that someone I gave a well deserved verbal slap-down to some months ago still harbours a great deal of resentment against me. Apparently he thinks I'm the lowest form of life and won't attend any post work leisure activities if I'm present. Hilarious, a more inadequate and miserable man I have never met. As for not coming to nights out because of me, he never came to them anyway, it's just that now when he's asked, instead of looking like an anti-social saddo, he can now point at me and say 'It's that bad mans fault, he called me nasty names!'

It would also help if he had the balls to say what he thinks to my face, but then, that would involve having a spine and guts, something the said individual has never had, and nor will he at any future date.

Of course, maybe I should have listened to mantra No1 and held my tongue in the first instance..........

Mantra No4 - No Regrets.
Or maybe not...............


Planet Mondo said...

I'm with you on all of those - one of mine is...

Impulses buys don't work

They never do - this has saved me a fortune and there's no clutter, rubbish or regrets.

Anonymous said...

"It's amazing how few people consider their words on the internet, and how few understand the ramifications of their casually tossed off bullshit.2

Very true, but then i have a long track record of shooting myself in the foot and alienating people.

The Birdwatcher said...

We have something like twitter on our intranet at work. It consists of comments like "someone has just knicked all my paperclips" "oh no its okay they were underneath a file" So thats okay then. I would like ot make a comment but then I would get the sack and that would be disappointing for Mrs BW and the kids. I'll shut up now and leave you in peace.

iLL Man said...

I left a comment on this, but it seems Blogger has decided not to bother publishing it.

BW - Twitter at work sounds like an awful notion. Oh, and don't you dare leave me in peace. I won't hear of it!

David - It was more of a veiled reference to the sort of offhand garbage people post on message boards, things that end up calling into question peoples professionalism and livelihoods.

PM - I don't mind the odd impulse purchase. My last one was a Zen Stone mp3, though it has proved to be a very handy little gizmo, so I'm not sure that counts.