Saturday, May 17, 2008


Since it seems to be too much to ask that anything computer related you get these days just works when you receive it, rather than pissing you about with it's random, unfathomable complexity, all you lovely people will have to wait a few days more for my return. Somewhat predictably, the new modem doesn't want to connect me to the internet and I'm once again forced to plague my poor parents with my prescence. Ah, to think only ten days ago my mother was wondering where I'd got to..................

I fully expect the locks to have been changed by the time of my next visit.

The other downside is having to operate my fathers laptop. Can someone fill me in on what the attraction is with these things? I hear they are very popular............. My main problems are the flat, cramped keyboard and a ridiculously small mouse that has already started to induce a distinctly claw like appearance in my right hand. I mean, It was going that way anyway but that's not the point.............

Ok, I'm getting the bums rush from the old man, so I'll be going.


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