Monday, September 01, 2008

Killer Cups

For those who enjoyed what I did with my Seven Days blog, I've just published the first in a series of new photo diaries. They will focus almost entirely upon nature (Flora, Fauna, the odd bit of sky), rather than the random guerrilla photography of Seven Days. It's still the same format of one shot per day, but each season will be a new blog.
The first installment is called Seasons1 - Autumn
In other news, I have just ripped a hole in one of my fingers. I was foolishly attempting to dry out a coffee mug when the handle snapped off rather suddenly. As a result, my middle finger caught the brunt of the sharp edges of broken china and now sports a rather fetching gouge. Everything seems to be ok, it won't require stitches, but I'm keeping an eye on the other similar mug I have, lest it should make a similar attempt at dismemberment. Anyway, no more details, principally for the benefit of my more squeamish readers....................
Startled heron in flight. If I'd had the right mode selected on the camera, this would have been an amazing shot.


Planet Mondo said...

Love that flower photo - would you mind me using it if I do another Lazy Sunday mix?

iLL Man said...

No problem at all Mondo. If theres anything you want to lift, just take it. All I ask for is a credit and a link when you use it.