Saturday, November 15, 2008

Isle of May

"I think Youtube will replace television" opined some twat the other day. Yeah, maybe, but only if they manage to improve the picture quality, speed up the buffering and remove the comments of about half a million mental defectives. The comments on Youtube, as you all probably know, are beyond belief. The relative articulacy and lucidity found on blog comments make you realise just what a sweet little cotton wool world we live in over here. Youtube comments are like some hellish leftover from the days when message boards didn't require logins and people just changed their name when they got banned.
Points Of View it ain't.
Has anyone seen Points Of View recently? Is Barry Took still doing it?
I do know that instead of stills of the original letter and a suitable voice-over, we now have phone recordings of irate/elated viewers waxing pedantic/lyrical about something they saw a fortnight ago. Or are they phone recordings? Is it all some big con? Are the voiceover artists of yesteryear simply re-employed to work from home and ring up the BBC, read out the e-mailed complaints/compliments and put on the odd Geordie/Brummie/Scouse accent to lend it all a veneer of credibility?
I hope so..............


Cocktails said...

Barry Took is a complete and uter twat!!!! Any oone who watches the Bbc is am immoral fan of Russell Brnad who will go to hell!!!!!!!!!

yiou don't know what you are talking about on Youtube. You people who write blogs think you are jsut so good. WHo do you think you are Ill Mann?!!!???!!

iLL Man said...

You can opt not to read them of course, but it's like prodding a sore tooth,sometimes you can't help it.

By the way, that's pretty good. The spelling, punctuation and syntax are still too good though.

Cocktails said...

Looks like the education system didn't fail me enough.