Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unsent Letters From A Dead Man Pt1

"Don't let her kiss you."
"Don't let her kiss you!!"
"Why not?"
Karen looked at me like a mother telling her son why he shouldn't stick a screwdriver in an electrical socket.
"Just don't. She'll have you for breakfast."
"Breakfast is an important meal" I said, before smugly turning to look out the window of the bus.
"Yeah, but you've got no idea who she has lined up for lunch and dinner."
"Oh c'mon........... I'm a big boy. Besides, who says she's that interested in me. She seems like a decent sort. Funny, clever, unconventional. Not my sort at all.............."
"If I was a bloke, I'd go for her" she said absently.
I raised an eyebrow and turned the other way, staring at an Asian woman trying to get her buggy and children down the stairs from the top deck and off the bus, a queue of impatient, uptight citizens silently cursing in her wake. I stared at the floor and counted cigarette butts, then looked up again.
"Makes you a lezzer then" I said, not quite as under my breath as I had intended.
The force of her hand on the back of my head took me by surprise and my forehead took a whack against the steel bar that constituted the back of the seat in front. I stared daggers at her as she took her turn to look smugly out of the window.
"Violence is most unbecoming of a lady" I said weakly
"Tell it to a lady then, you little tit!"
My stop arrived soon after and I got up to leave in silence. Karen gave me the finger and a placid smile as I descended the stairs.
Her way of telling me to 'take care'.
It was much appreciated.


Kim Ayres said...

Just don't do a Binty or Doc Maroon and stop after a couple of episodes

meekon5 said...

ok now you have my interest!

iLL Man said...

Didn't I have your interest before?


Stay tuned!