Sunday, September 25, 2005

Floating listlessly towards the coming week.

Good Evening Feeling chipper again tonite and I don't know why. Slightly disturbing, but I'll go with it....... It's been a bit of a hermetically sealed weekend. Out for the football yesterday and out for a curry tonite(thankyou Cafe India, a little too much chilli in the garlic chicken) That apart, it's been loafing about watching DVD's and eating chocolate biscuits. No papers, so I know nothing that went on in the past48 hours and nor do I have any desire to. A bit of solipsism never did any harm............. Anyway, maybe i'll go watch the programme about some goons who think the Da Vinci code is REAL!!!!! Oh the desire to believe in SOMETHING.......... Dan Brown is of course a very clever man, but nowhere near as clever as Umberto Eco who wrote Foucaults Pendulum, to which The Da Vinci code obviously owes much. On the other hand, an hour of four retards stumbling on circumstantial evidence and making various ad-hoc hypotheses to fit with their literal interpretation of a piece of historical fiction doesnt seem like the best way to waste wjhats left of my weekend. If this is how people react when they read some pulp thriller, is it any wonder people get all worked up over The Bible, the worlds greatest piece of historical fiction.................... Bye!

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