Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Late Again

Hello Got caught up in the Bob Dylan documentary on BBC2. Not really a fan of Dylan, but I recognise and have some interest in his iconic status, his history. It's the history of many other things too, the Greenwich Village folk scene, their promotion of the Civil Rights movement, the burgeoning counter culture........usual shit that I watch with interest but a certain casual detatchedness that may betray my age. Good programme though. Loved the intercutting of scenes from Dylans tour of Britain in 1966(I think) Missed the "Judas!" moment. Or is that coming in the concluding part tomorrow? Plenty of puffed up, disgusted folkies being politely outraged at Dylans use of a "Pop Group" as a backing band. I have nothing against Luddites, but dogmatists are generally arseholes to a man and woman. Anyway, Apologies to Clairwil, who's brilliant blogs I failed to link to before tonight. A good friend who generously conferred guest blogger status upon me on her own site for a few months until I got off my arse and got my own place. To anyone stumbling through here, have a look in all my links, but especially clairwil and This Tickled Me. Funny, enlightening and more than just a little brutal at times. Lovely. It's late, and I have some porn to watch. bye!


Clairwil said...

Cheers for the link. This fellow has linked to you in his post this evening.

ill man said...

My pleasure.

..........and thanks for the tip off.