Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm Amazed!!!!

I see they seem to have made being an annoying prick a crime punishable by imprisonment. I refer to the young chap imprisoned for two months for the awful crime of downloading a beheading onto his mobile phone and showing it to a colleague at work. What a farce. It would appear the poor dear he showed the video to called the police. I would have imagined a wee word with the office manager would have done the trick............Out on his erse in an instant. Sadly, this is what happens when you allow halfwits access to technology that by rights ought not to be available to people with a mental age of 13. If, as I have a wee suspicion, the video was of the unfortunate Ken Bigley's execution, then I understand fully the womans distress and desire to call the police. I just feel that a prison sentence for acting like a retarded child is not an appropriate punishment. I could think of a few things you could do to make him realise his behaviour was not considered fitting for a grown adult. Also in trouble with the law is our dearly beloved PM, alledgedly for making derogatory comments about the Welsh. The rather insane Welsh Police have caught wind of these revelations and Maggies Lovechild is now under investigation. Funny that. You start a war that will claim the lives of thousands of people but theres no rozzers to be seen, except the one that stands like a twat outside yer gaff every day. Make a few jibes at the Welsh because they seem distinctly underwhelmed by your pathetic and tokenistic attempt to give their country some autonomy and suddenly the full force of the law will come down on you. Or, as is more likely, annoy you for a bit then get bored and go back to the real criminals like Anne Robinson.................... Lastly, I see Alex Kapranos of Les Ferdinand fame has been making himself useful selling The Big Issue. Good man. Not sure how long he can keep up the 'humble man of the people' act. A hell of a lot longer than I could probably. Bye

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