Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Post Of No Importance

I feel like I have no business posting at the moment. I set this blog up purely to moan like an old man about things that annoyed me. The rather pleasant irony is that barring a few jibes at some easy targets, there is nothing in my life right now I hate eneough to live up to my banner. Maybe I should change it..... Onto the Bob Dylan documentary which continued tonight. Maybe it's the filmed footage.........I enjoyed it. Loved the press conference footage. Bob with his best 'getmeouttahere' face as some beatnick spod asks him the symbolic significance of the Triumph Motorcycle T-shirt he wore on the cover of the Highway 61 album..... It still goes on, the same old hackery and banality, but the artiste, with a few noteable exceptions, just goes along with the schtick. The result is a mutual masturbation session and a waste of paper and the reason I no longer buy music papers or magazines. You'd be as well buying the Mirror and reading their pop pages as buying the NME. In fact, take a jaunt into Virgin, pick up a bunch of new cd's you might like and use their bar code scanner/listening post. Suddenly you've put a hundred pointless rock bores out of a job. How can you not feel good about that? Thanks to Dr Feelgood for linking to my site and for confirming that yes, Alan Green is a flatulent, talentless waste of airspace. Also to Alan at 'This Moment' for the Chic Murray and Tommy Cooper gags. Much appreciated. That'll be all....................

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