Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blogging Blind

Just a quickie tonight. For the second month in a row, i'm running low on time on my flat rate connection.The alternative is a pay per minute connection which can't be used for any more than about ten minutes without racking up a monstrous bill. The result of this is that I have roughly 14 hours of internet time to last until the third of December. As a result i'm blogging on a text document on my desktop. I then copy and paste to the template and voila!, my latest dribblings.....Then I run away and hide. The reason for running short on time is probably due to my blogging. losing track of time at your template, bashing things out, editing them meticulously for the entertainment and indifference of my readers. They're an ill defined shower on the whole(you don't want to know what comes up on my tracker....), but I'm happy to report that I have a couple of new correspondents. The nocturnal and ever wise Professor Smile and Croila, the bagpiping scourge of shit neighbours the world over. Thanks for popping in and do come again..... aloha.


Croila said...

Ah. "The bagpiping scourge of shit neighbours the world over" is honoured for your mention. Thank you! ;-)

ill man said...

No problems. I won't be getting about the web much between now and the end of the month but i'll try and drop in at yr blog every so often.

Thanks again.


Thanks for the mention, too. It's nice to be noticed. I can thoroughly recommend Tiscali broadband at £14.99 per month. I've been completely unlimited in mu usage and got well more than my money's-worth. Nocturnally, of course.
At the moment I'm just beginning to explore the wonderful world of linking!
Wonder if the above one works?
Now that I look at it again, rather than give a link to where the picture is hosted, maybe better to link direct to where it appears in my blog? Like here?

Anonymous said...

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