Friday, November 18, 2005

Political Bloggers:Try A Splash Of Colour You Tedious Sods

I'm not going to link to the multitude of US political commentary blogs out there, but I suggest you take a wee trip on the Blogger hyperspace ride that is the "Next Blog" button. What you ought to find is that every one of them uses the same template(grey, sometimes parchment) and are only worth the most cursory of glances. No humour, no profanity, no sense in which you feel like you would ever want to share breathing space with the individual responsible. Theres no connection at all, unless you happen to wholeheartedly endorse the views of the particular blogger. Problem is, old lefty that I am, the Democrat blogs should appeal to me. Instead they bore me with their banal prose, parochialism and blindly partisan bullishness. Just like their Republican bretheren. Ok, can't blame them for being parochial, but how about the odd "Who's your ideal celebrity partner?" quiz, maybe a bit of banter about life in general, a few jokes, something to show theres a human being behind the spoonfed cynicism and news group links. Lifes too important to take seriously.

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