Sunday, November 13, 2005

Madness In Maryhill

Evening all. Received my first letter from my MP today. Ann McKechin, Labour MP sent me a delightful little note to explain her position on the recent terror legislation her party are in the process of introducing. In particular she was at pains to explain her position on the proposed 90 day detention proposals. She did not support the government, but considers the 28 days compromise to be too low. No, I don't know exactly what her preferred option was. 45 days? 60 days? Who knows.................The irony is that I did not send her an email. Is someone out there making complaints to my MP using my name? Or has there been a bit of a balls up at the constituency office? Failing that Ann McKechin reads Dirty Notes. Very clever but She's still not getting my vote...................... After that faintly surreal start to the day I made my way to the football at Firhill. Thistle were playing hosts to Gretna, runaway leaders of the Scottish Second Division. Gretna are owned by millionaire business man Brookes Mileson and are currently sweeping all before them. You would expect them to. They pay four figure weekly wages to their players, Thistle have to make do with rigid wage restrictions and a generous rolling win bonus system. Anyway, by half past four I was in something of a pickle. Thistle had gifted Gretna a slightly flattering 3-0 lead and looked like they couldnt tell up from down. By 4.35, I had decided to call it a day and headed home. I took a detour to Lidl, and on returning was informed by my father, who had stayed to the end(as he always does) that we had scored three times in the last ten minutes to take take a point. That is the last time I ever leave a Thistle match early. The likeliehood of such a return from the dead happening again any time soon is obviously slim, but I shall now sit and wait until the end, no matter what the defecit is. Lesson learned. God Is A Jags Fan!!!!! Well, he was yesterday...................

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