Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm Amazed!!!!

I see they seem to have made being an annoying prick a crime punishable by imprisonment. I refer to the young chap imprisoned for two months for the awful crime of downloading a beheading onto his mobile phone and showing it to a colleague at work. What a farce. It would appear the poor dear he showed the video to called the police. I would have imagined a wee word with the office manager would have done the trick............Out on his erse in an instant. Sadly, this is what happens when you allow halfwits access to technology that by rights ought not to be available to people with a mental age of 13. If, as I have a wee suspicion, the video was of the unfortunate Ken Bigley's execution, then I understand fully the womans distress and desire to call the police. I just feel that a prison sentence for acting like a retarded child is not an appropriate punishment. I could think of a few things you could do to make him realise his behaviour was not considered fitting for a grown adult. Also in trouble with the law is our dearly beloved PM, alledgedly for making derogatory comments about the Welsh. The rather insane Welsh Police have caught wind of these revelations and Maggies Lovechild is now under investigation. Funny that. You start a war that will claim the lives of thousands of people but theres no rozzers to be seen, except the one that stands like a twat outside yer gaff every day. Make a few jibes at the Welsh because they seem distinctly underwhelmed by your pathetic and tokenistic attempt to give their country some autonomy and suddenly the full force of the law will come down on you. Or, as is more likely, annoy you for a bit then get bored and go back to the real criminals like Anne Robinson.................... Lastly, I see Alex Kapranos of Les Ferdinand fame has been making himself useful selling The Big Issue. Good man. Not sure how long he can keep up the 'humble man of the people' act. A hell of a lot longer than I could probably. Bye

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Post Of No Importance

I feel like I have no business posting at the moment. I set this blog up purely to moan like an old man about things that annoyed me. The rather pleasant irony is that barring a few jibes at some easy targets, there is nothing in my life right now I hate eneough to live up to my banner. Maybe I should change it..... Onto the Bob Dylan documentary which continued tonight. Maybe it's the filmed footage.........I enjoyed it. Loved the press conference footage. Bob with his best 'getmeouttahere' face as some beatnick spod asks him the symbolic significance of the Triumph Motorcycle T-shirt he wore on the cover of the Highway 61 album..... It still goes on, the same old hackery and banality, but the artiste, with a few noteable exceptions, just goes along with the schtick. The result is a mutual masturbation session and a waste of paper and the reason I no longer buy music papers or magazines. You'd be as well buying the Mirror and reading their pop pages as buying the NME. In fact, take a jaunt into Virgin, pick up a bunch of new cd's you might like and use their bar code scanner/listening post. Suddenly you've put a hundred pointless rock bores out of a job. How can you not feel good about that? Thanks to Dr Feelgood for linking to my site and for confirming that yes, Alan Green is a flatulent, talentless waste of airspace. Also to Alan at 'This Moment' for the Chic Murray and Tommy Cooper gags. Much appreciated. That'll be all....................

Late Again

Hello Got caught up in the Bob Dylan documentary on BBC2. Not really a fan of Dylan, but I recognise and have some interest in his iconic status, his history. It's the history of many other things too, the Greenwich Village folk scene, their promotion of the Civil Rights movement, the burgeoning counter culture........usual shit that I watch with interest but a certain casual detatchedness that may betray my age. Good programme though. Loved the intercutting of scenes from Dylans tour of Britain in 1966(I think) Missed the "Judas!" moment. Or is that coming in the concluding part tomorrow? Plenty of puffed up, disgusted folkies being politely outraged at Dylans use of a "Pop Group" as a backing band. I have nothing against Luddites, but dogmatists are generally arseholes to a man and woman. Anyway, Apologies to Clairwil, who's brilliant blogs I failed to link to before tonight. A good friend who generously conferred guest blogger status upon me on her own site for a few months until I got off my arse and got my own place. To anyone stumbling through here, have a look in all my links, but especially clairwil and This Tickled Me. Funny, enlightening and more than just a little brutal at times. Lovely. It's late, and I have some porn to watch. bye!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Floating listlessly towards the coming week.

Good Evening Feeling chipper again tonite and I don't know why. Slightly disturbing, but I'll go with it....... It's been a bit of a hermetically sealed weekend. Out for the football yesterday and out for a curry tonite(thankyou Cafe India, a little too much chilli in the garlic chicken) That apart, it's been loafing about watching DVD's and eating chocolate biscuits. No papers, so I know nothing that went on in the past48 hours and nor do I have any desire to. A bit of solipsism never did any harm............. Anyway, maybe i'll go watch the programme about some goons who think the Da Vinci code is REAL!!!!! Oh the desire to believe in SOMETHING.......... Dan Brown is of course a very clever man, but nowhere near as clever as Umberto Eco who wrote Foucaults Pendulum, to which The Da Vinci code obviously owes much. On the other hand, an hour of four retards stumbling on circumstantial evidence and making various ad-hoc hypotheses to fit with their literal interpretation of a piece of historical fiction doesnt seem like the best way to waste wjhats left of my weekend. If this is how people react when they read some pulp thriller, is it any wonder people get all worked up over The Bible, the worlds greatest piece of historical fiction.................... Bye!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Late Call

It's been a good day. My team won and probably due mainly to an unusual chemical blance in my brain at this moment in time, i'm in a great mood. A few things regarding Kate Moss and her recent tribulations. Kate, yr alright. Yr a bit F**ked up, but i've seen worse....... The cant and hypocrisy of the tabloid vermin is vomit inducing. A great man once said "Before a metropolitan daily exposes an evil, it takes it's own pulse" Your average tabloid hack is either an alky or a cokehead. Usually both. The thing that had me laughing like a moron was the explanation for the benefit of Sun readers that cocaine use was rife in the fashion world. There it was, in language a 7yr old would regard as insulting, telling their readership something that Ab-Fab made jokes out of about eight years ago.......................something that has always been. By this reasoning, I had assumed Kate Moss was a regular consumer of the stuff anyway........................ Ok, maybe it's a ploy to justify the extra few chapters the publisher wants her to add to her biography. Even so, as an exercise in demonisation, it stands as something of a classic. Nice to see that Hurricane Rita(Can't wait for Mavis and Derek) didnt cause as much damage as Katrina, but then, New Orleans will be a bit of a mess again as it's just along the coast from the hurricane's landfall. Anyway, bye for now

Another Blog won't hurt, will it?

Evening all. First posts will always be problematic, so nothing more than a cursory greeting and the hope that I don't poison yr lives too much in the coming months and years. God that sounds horribly permanant. Bye for now................