Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Bad Lee

I'll be away here for the weekend. I had intended to do a proper post, but got caught up in other things (What I've come to know as 'Procrasturbation') It'll have to wait for another day. Heres a little clip I took at Ashfield last weekend. It's a pretty good race actually, it's sometimes a bit processional at the speedway, so it's nice to see two guys knocking lumps out of each other. It's all very tight for 2nd & 3rd place until something goes wrong at the end of lap 3 and Tigers rider Lee Dicken falls. He's under the impression the other guy put him in the dirt, but I'm not so sure...... Anyway, big Lee decides he's gonna have a pop at his opponent as he comes round to slow down. Cue a gaggle of officials and riders giving it the whole 'He's not worth it!!!' bit and trying to restrain him. The object of Lee's affections, Joseph Franc, decides that discretion is the better part of valour,and in a bit of a Benny Hill moment, he makes for the infield and rolls off back the other way towards the pits. Big Lee Dicken. Untidy to watch and slower than a week in jail at times, but he rides for the team and gives it everything he has, even if he's bog last. I have a soft spot for guys like that. He's the Speedway equivelent of Bobo Balde.


lism. said...

Everybody's going to Connect. We're going to see my boyfriend's parents because we can't afford to go, and would rather not be in Scotland feeling jealous. Say hi to the Hold Steady for me.

iLL Man said...

Connect was pretty good. I say book a B&B in Inveraray early doors and dispense with the whole campsite hassle.