Monday, July 07, 2008


Cockerel in the Conservatory. Not often you sit down in a coffee shop with one of these bad boys in the background. Culross Main Street. Level crossing leading to............Firth of Forth. Not a passenger route unfortunately. More Culross architectural finery Next stop Longannet power station.


SzélsőFa said...

Great photos, I loved them all!
especially the one with the railway crossing to the water. What were you doing in this lovely town?

Re: Guess the Movie series: I DO hand out clues. On request.
I'm doing so b/c some people were cheating and some did not find the clue. Which part(s) do you need hint)s?

Let me just know.

iLL Man said...

I had been out with my parents in a larger town just round the coast but the weather got a bit nasty, so we set off home. On the way back I spotted the sign for this town and remembered being there many years ago. We had plenty time to spare, so we popped down for an hour or so, as much to salvage some pleasure from the day as anything else.

It's a 'Scottish Heritage' preserved town apparently. I think it means a lot of the buildings can't have conversions done on them. The problem with Culross is that across the river estuary lies Grangemouth oil refinery, and just up the coast is Longannet power station. Both are pretty ugly blots on the landscape.

Anyway, I'm pushed for time tonight, so I'll pop over tomorrow and see if I can give your quiz another go.

dearieme said...

A friend of mine once took a party of Engineering freshers to Longannet. They paused by the filters on the water intake and my chum asked "What problems do you get with these?" The operator replied "Seals". My friend turned to his students and said "He doesn't mean the marine mammals, he means the devices that allow shafts to rotate without leakage." The operator stared at him and said "I mean the marine mammals."