Wednesday, May 03, 2006

At Last............I'm A MySpace Bitch

Found the email that seems to have fully activated the myspace account I set up. Still not convinced, but if anyone wants to pop in and befriend me, the link is here and also at the bottom of my side-bar. Caught the end of what looks to have been a rather interesting interview with Diego Maradona. Gary Lineker, a Spanish speaker after his time at Barcelona interviews the revitalised Argentinian footballing genius, now back to his wiry, muscular best after years of cocaine abuse and binge eating. He's back to good health now and looks not a million miles away from the short arsed, tank-like little maestro that broke many a Belgian, English and German heart at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. He also has a TV show which looks like the sort of thing that most of us would sell our nearest and dearest to see on saturday night prime time. Instead we get fucking D-list celebs falling on their arses in some half baked dancing/reality/gameshow format. Oh, and he's a chum of Fidel Castro. Quite where his affection for that old war dog comes from I don't know, but it seems fairly genuine. Didn't he do his recovery in Cuba at Castro's invitation? Can't remember now. I guess Castro also retains a cult following amongst South Americans in general, going by the amount of countries in the continent voting in Socialist governments these days. I believe there may be more to follow..................

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