Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cheap Nostalgia Shot

Hello. Someone shoved a very amusing link my way over on myspace. It put a silly big smile on my chops for five minutes and theres no reason why it shouldn't have the same effect on you........... Childrens TV Theme If you find yourself utterly distraught at the traumatic childhood memories these bring back to you, I can only apologise and say that such an outcome was not my intention. All I will say is that all the important ones are there. The Flumps, Bagpuss, Jamie And His Magic Torch...................Rainbow Beyond that, not a lot to say tonight. I seem to be in the rather pleasant situation of being able to keep abreast of all things Big Brother without actually having to watch it, thanks mainly to the commentary of Steve, Clairwil and Billy. I have to admit, you would need to tie me down and prop my eyelids open, Clockwork Orange style to get me to watch the show for any longer than about a minute. I work with enough arseholes as it is without having to watch more of them on my tv.


Steve55 said...

Always pleased to be of service!

Actually, it has been pretty hard to watch at times. Still, there's something about it just appeals to me deep down. Dunno what, and it probably isn't terribly healthy, but there you go.

alan said...

big brother? i haven't seen a better crop of arseholes in my entire puff, and that's from watching precisely 15 minutes of it last night. never again.

ill man said...

I'm quite in awe of those who can watch it without their blood pressure going through the roof. I'm such a blouse at times.

Clairwil said...

Well I watched it twice this week and after last night I was so appalled I don't think I shall be watching it again. Serious questions need to be asked about the screening process that let Shabaz through. Silly publicity seeking tarts scrapping over camera space is fine and sometimes funny to watch. However the bullying that has occured this series puts it beyond the pale. I'm joining illmans blouse gang.

ill man said...

I feel quite sad for the guy. I fully understand the behaviour pattern. I was the most pathetic attention seeker in my year at school for a few terms.

Ok, he's a grown man and should know better but he seems to have lived a bit of an isolated life. He seems to be just that little bit TOO needy.

The rest of the house are without doubt attention seeking retards but i'm guessing they have at least rudimentary social skills. They're no more or less shameless than Shabaz, it's just that they do a better job of hiding it.