Friday, October 27, 2006

In The Process Of Moving

Fed up with Blogger and just a touch curious about beta, I decided to get myself set up. Not sure how I transfer my old archives over. In the meantime I'll keep posting here, but also start a few cursory postings here with a view to moving permanently in time. It's a new url etc so theres going to be a bit of a problem with updating yr links. You could always come here, then hit the link to the beta blog I suppose. It's up to you............... Cheers!


Anonymous said...

If you go through the blogger homepage you can easily transfer your blog over to beta in one fell swoop.

No need to transfer archives, or for a new url, all you'll have to do is re-add your blog roll. So it's best to take a note of who's on your blogroll in advance, but once you're into beta it's about 100 times easier to update than before. No jiggery pokery with HTML required.

ill man said...

Cheers Heather. Maybe i'm just being thick, but it's not immediately apparent on the homepage where and how I would transfer my blog to beta. That's why I just started a new one.

ill man said...

It seems I'll be able to merge the two blogs at a later date. Theres a note on the beta dashboard page that mentions the fact that only a limited number of blogs have the link on their dashboard. Or something. Anyway, not a problem.