Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blatant Cross Posting

Via Seven Days


Clairwil said...

Is that a mouse? If so where are it's ears? Can I get one?

iLL Man said...

I think it's a baby field vole, like these chaps.

I found it on Saturday whilst climbing Berwick Law. It was running up the path ahead of me like it was drunk, as if unused to the rough terrain and constantly tumbling and falling over itself as it went. Picked it up and tried to see if there was anywhere less perilous I could put it, but realised that was a pointless exercise. And no,putting it in my pocket wasn't an option........

Anyway, I put it back and left it to it's fate. probably wore itself out and ended up being a snack for the local crows. It certainly didn't look ready to brave the big bad world.