Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Horror! The Horror!

Here are a selection of things that made me want to pull my brain out through my nose with a fishhook.

Get Gwen Stefani's Stunning Celebrity Look - "So Much More Than A Popstar" (gag!)

Watch a brilliant performance from James Blunt in concert. - Dinner loss guaranteed

Wendy reports to the headmaster - The art of grovelling taken to new heights.

Dutch Moped Fetishist - I actually quite like this guy. The bit where Anarchy In The UK comes on is priceless........

Whingeing Cyclists - Don't get me started!!! Try obeying the laws of the road before you get all uppity and superior about yr carbon arse print and how hard done by you are by evil motorists.

I shall be back on Thursday with something proper to read.

1 comment:

ZinZin said...

James Blunt is that cockney rhyming slang?