Sunday, June 01, 2008

Doon Das Wasser

Largs-Cumbrae Ferry approches the slipway
I think I got it's best side
Arran looms behind the Cumbrae pastures
Winged Sentinels
Yachting Today

It's been several Ice Ages since I last set foot in Largs. Last time was at the tail end of summer 2003. It's changed a bit, but not much (or enough). Theres one less shithole arcade (The Cumbrian), but it's now become a bowling alley/kids adventure playground/boozer. I didn't realise the fucking place was that big!! The station has been tidied up a bit since the incident in which a train rammed through the station building in 1995. It was never the most impressive building, but it has taken on a more functional form these days.

I spent most of the day wandering the esplanade, dodging sunburnt weegie hunks, their jaw droppingly sexy wives and their lovely, well mannered offspring and taking the odd photo here and there.

The place is an absolute mecca for seagulls. They just wait, watching and getting ready at the right places to swoop down and feast on the detritus left behind by the masses. methinks the 'don't feed the seagulls' signs are a little in vain..............

I did have a brief notion to head over to the Cumbrae, but it was a tad late when I got to Largs. Didn't need the hassle. If you wanna hit Millport, get there early............

I tell ya, one thing Largs doesn't lack is the lesser spotted senior citizen. Millions of them. Good on them I say......................Give me OAP's over fat men covered in fucking Indian ink tattoos any day of the week. At least you can conduct a conversation about the relative merits of Sonic Youth records with an OAP...................


Cocktails said...

I see you're fond of a seaside jaunt! Wish I wasn't so lazy and did more of the same myself. Never been to Largs, although used to love Rothesay!

iLL Man said...

I'd originally intended to go to Ardrossan. Maybe I should have, the beach looked great from the train. Went to Largs and the heaving crowds instead. Still, it was ok. Lots of childhood memories (good and bad) reside there.

Rothesay is on the 'to do' list.