Friday, June 13, 2008

Feel The Pain

I thought I was getting it easy when I volunteered to play in goals for the office five-a-side team. "Piece of piss" I thought. Stand about, dive around a little, catch the ball every so often.............. My problem is that instead of making minimal effort, I throw myself into most activities, even if I'm shit at them. The physical consequences of this full on effort began to manifest themselves almost immediately after the game, but it wasn't until this morning that I felt the full agony. I felt like I had somebody elses legs on, and just about every muscle in my body was screaming at the slightest movement. Lack of fitness, not warming up properly, not taking a hot bath when I got home....................... Kneeling down is agony and getting in and out of a sitting position is at the very least uncomfortable. What have I done to myself?!! Still, I was better than I thought I'd be. I only let in about fifteen goals. Bloody defenders gave me no protection.

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