Monday, June 09, 2008

Do You Remember The First Time?

............The first time you blogged I mean..................

I do. It was a damp Saturday afternoon in September and I was bored titless. My friend Clairwil had started one, but I'd sort of poo-pooed the notion of writing about myself online. What kind of self absorbed dipstick would go for such a thing? Of course, I didn't say this to Clairwil at the time, fearing a bloody nose and a pint over my head, but on reading her stuff, I began to change my mind. It all looked quite good fun, if you could get over the fact that for the first few months, you would essentially be talking to yourself. Well, since talking to myself is a long standing and ingrained defence mechanism that helps me make sense of the world, I realised it wouldn't make any difference. It couldn't hurt to give it a try.

So, in the space of an hour, I'd thrown up this here blog. Not as you see it now of course (I've decorated since then), but since the quality of writing has only advanced marginally since back in 2005, I'd say it's the same entity it was when I started.

Anyway, heres my first ever proper blog post:

Late Call

It's been a good day. My team won and probably due to an unusual chemical blance in my brain at this moment in time, i'm in a great mood.

A few things regarding Kate Moss and her recent tribulations.

Kate, yr alright. Yr a bit F**ked up, but i've seen worse.......

The cant and hypocrisy of the tabloid vermin is vomit inducing. A great man once said "Before a metropolitan daily exposes an evil, it takes it's own pulse" Your average tabloid hack is either an alky or a cokehead. Usually both.

The thing that had me laughing like a moron was the explanation for the benefit of Sun readers that cocaine use was rife in the fashion world. There it was, in language a 7yr old would regard as insulting, telling their readership something that Ab-Fab made jokes out of about eight years ago.......................something that has always been. By this reasoning, I had assumed Kate Moss was a regular consumer of the stuff anyway........................

Ok, maybe it's a ploy to justify the extra few chapters the publisher wants her to add to her biography. Even so, as an exercise in demonisation, it stands as something of a classic.

Nice to see that Hurricane Rita(Can't wait for Mavis and Derek) didnt cause as much damage as Katrina, but then, New Orleans will be a bit of a mess again as it's just along the coast from the hurricane's landfall.

Anyway, bye for now

So, there you have it. A rant about the tabloids, some insignificant detail about my weekend and an appallingly weak joke, shoe-horned into an inconclusive comment about the hurricanes hitting the US at the time. Who could have known what it would all lead to................... :(

Right! I've shown you mine, you show me yours................ ("~)


Clairwil said...

'I nearly met someone called Torquil this week. Torquil! in Glasgow! What the fuck were his parents thinking of? Anyway perhaps as a result of my ever increasing unpopularity he escaped before we could be introduced. I need hardly say the boy has difficulties.'

-That's it!

The Birdwatcher said...

Great first post. Interesting I didn't realise that the Sun has sch a high average age for its readership. Mine was about Fish I think.

last year's girl said...

My first "blog" post, although they didn't call them blogs back then, has thankfully vanished into the mists of time or at least internet dead space. You really wouldn't have wanted to read about whatever was on the mind of a seventeen-year-old lassie that particular day though. I'm sure it was either about boys or my period.

last year's girl said...

Also, did you see this:

Personally, I hope Gala Fairydean win out just because I like their name.

Cocktails said...

Mine was too recent to be of interest. Or rather, I'm not prepared to go and have another look in case its worse than I remembered.

Did you always sign of with 'Bye for now'? How polite!

iLL Man said...

Clairwil - Thanks for sharing your first post. Poor Torquil! Very much a public schoolboy type name, no?

Birdwatcher - It wasn't a bad first effort I suppose. Or were you talking about Clairwil's?

LYG - Ah, a veteran of the online community! I shudder to think what I would have written about at seventeen.

I knew you would bring up the Third Lanark thing when I saw it in todays Record =D I think they're just having a look at the criteria needed, for future reference. It won't be long until they open up the Scottish senior leagues. The Gretna fiasco has shown that clubs ought to be able to find their level, whether that means non league clubs moving up, or league clubs going down. Anyway, it's encouraging, as it's obvious they're going from strength to strength as a club. I think Spartans will get the nod, though Inverurie Loco are the best supported team of the lot.

Cocktails - You need to go back in about three years to get that sense of 'Oh, that's who I was back then!'

I sometimes sign off, mostly I don't. Clairwil tends to start her posts with 'Hello' and ends them with 'Cheerio!', so maybe at that point I was 'copping some moves' from her, as it were... It was all a bit alien to me at the time.

SzélsőFa said...

I'll be back with mine in a minute.
You'll just see.

SzélsőFa said...

A képet Édesapám készítette a Nyíregyházi falumúzeumban. Nekem nagyon tetszik a barátságos szobabelső.

west coaster said...

Nice picture; I'm guessing Largs? You should start a Where Is This? competition.

iLL Man said...

Szelsofa - Ok, I need a translation........... I did try looking on the internet, but couldn't figure it out.

West Coaster - It is Largs. The Moorings I believe it's called. Nardini's still do a decent cone anyway. I could do something like that, but I'd never stick with it for any longer than a few weeks.

SzélsőFa said...

You know I started blogging in Hungarian...I thought you would like it!!
Here it goes in English:

***This photo was made by my father in the open-air folk museum in Nyíregyháza that's a town.
I like how friendly and welcoming the inside of the room looks.***

iLL Man said...

Thanks Szelsofa. I went back and checked out the post for myself. A very unassuming first post. No grand fanfare or introduction, just the photo and description. I think it's best that blogs start that way, like they've always been there.......... ;)

SzélsőFa said...

I did not know how long would I go on with blogging, plus I was completely aware that noone would ever read my lines.
Now there you have it.
After almost 3 years, I'm addicted to it and a few people still erad my thoghts regularly. I am quite amazed.

SzélsőFa said...

Please read 'erad' as "read".