Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Here Kids

Songs of Summer No1: Radio - Teenage Fanclub

I'd almost forgotten what a long spell of decent weather is like, considering we didn't have any at all last year.......... Summer has landed and I dare anyone not to have noticed.............. Ok, it's corny as hell, but theres nothing better than coming home from work, opening the kitchen window, turning the radio on, making dinner and slugging a very cold beer as you go. Watching the sun go down behind the flats across the way is just an added bonus. Living in a big old ground floor tennement for so long, I sort of missed the freedom to open a back door and catch what's left of the day at my own leisure.

The next project will be to gut the planting boxes out in the back garden, fill them up with fresh soil and seriously think about something to plant. Yes, I do realised I've just jinxed the weather for the next two months, so enjoy it while you can!

Ok, I'm off to recover. I swear, I'm never playing football again!

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