Thursday, June 29, 2006


Every morning, from my breakfast table, I see a little old chinese man in the back green and each day he's busy snapping and hacking away at a small tree/bush thing in the communal. Our window faces out onto the garden, but alas we have no control over what happens in it as our garden is the next one over. Anyway, his actions annoy me. Why? I hear someone ask. Not sure, but whilst I can't argue that the plant is in need of a bit of periodic pruning, I doubt such action involves cack handedly attacking the thing every morning on your way back from the bin shelter. The result of all this is that the shrub now looks a total mess. It's ground cover has also disappeared. It was a common haunt of my deceased and much missed old cat Sam. A perfect place to go and have a doze or take a breather during one of the many heroic scraps he got into with the other cats in the back court. It'll grow back I suppose but it's just one of those instances in which you observe somebody doing something that inexplicably makes you want to go and slap them about and ask them what they're thinking of..... Of course, it could be our old plant vandal hates cats. I reckon he's just a bit mental though. I fully expect him to appear some morning soon with a machete and a maniacal look on his face...................


Ladybristol said...

Send him around to mine, all my plants need a good hacking.

Oh and yes you guessed it, I haven't got any links for 'Google News' in my template. Sorry to be such a pain.

Anonymous said...

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