Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Do Apologise

I realise many of you couldn't care less about FIFA and the World Cup. Hell, I lost interest about a fortnight ago. I had promised myself not to bring it up again but somehow I lapsed and, well, there you go............ Anyway, I got pulled in by the department superviser at work yesterday. I had been quite monumentally late(let's just say I took my seat as some people were getting ready for lunch). I don't quite know how the conversation got around to it but he confided in me that sometimes at night after he had been 'doing some research' on the internet, he found it hard to get to sleep. I'll bet.................The guy's a glorified admin monkey. What the hell does he have to 'research' on the net? Apart from the ruddy obvious................ Then I got cornered by the toilet conversationalist. This guy is your worst nightmare if he meets you in the bogs. He feels utterly compelled to start a conversation with you. It wouldn't bother me terribly but he has to be the most boring human being I have ever met. If I find myself cornered again, having to engage in yet another stilted conversation about football or what i'm doing at the weekend(really an excuse for him to tell you what HE did at the weekend) i'll most likely throw myself out of one of the rather generously sized cubicle windows and have done with it. Also, theres nothing this guy doesn't know. Or at least that's the impression he likes to give. Let's just say he's a fan of trivia quizzes and likes to let everyone know as loudly as possible just how much he knows. I should think myself lucky though. The guy who sits next to me is in a band. He had to endure the most contrived and utterly tedious story about how a pal of our erstwhile office bore had to take his £2000 guitar back to the shop to have it retuned. It went on for about ten minutes. seriously. Thank god he doesn't know I play guitar.


Sandra said...

Sounds all very trying. Now, this might be a stupid question, but if you spend £2000 on a guitar, should you not be able to tune it by yourself?

ill man said...

You should Sandra, yes. I was only half listening to be honest, so it could have been getting re-strung or something but the outcome was the same. Sniggers all round and my colleague looking a bit embarrassed as he did his best to seem interested.

Billy said...

I'm not sure, but I think sometimes the guitar can be out of tune no matter how much machine-head-fiddling you do and you then have to get someone in to move the bridge bit and general mucking around.

Toilet conversationalists are very annoying. There is only 1 guy who does it to me and I usually hide in the cubicle when he's in.

Conversations at the water cooler at the other hand: they're ok.

Oops, rambling comment. Sorry.

ill man said...

Nah Billy, ramble away mate.