Thursday, June 22, 2006

May The Farce Be With You!

Evening all! First of all, i'd like to recommend the Camera Obscura album. The songs have a happy/sad feel to them that I adore. It also has the most arresting cd cover i've seen in years. Also, thanks to MySpace, you can now hear the music first and then tell me i'm a cloth eared idiot without spending twelve quid on a CD you'll hate. Ok, shameless plug over with, I simply cannot let pass the news that wee Tone Blair wants his own 'Airforce One' style jet. The cunt. If anyone needed to know just how out of touch our PM is this story should fill in the gaps. The last thing this lying creep deserves is a free aeroplane. Then of course his Chancellor and successor Gordon Brown pitches in and tells him such a thing won't be affordable until 2008, by which time Gordo hopes to have his expansive arse occupying a couple of window seats i'm sure.......... Some of you may be wondering why i'm so tickled by this story. The main reason is that the Blair MO is self agrandisment and an obsession with posterity. I don't believe he's bothered about what people think of him, as long as he goes down in history as a figure of significance. The rush to war can have no other explanation. He's a reasonably intelligent man and I believe he realises his Iraq rhetoric is horseshit. He knew people could be just about swayed with the 'smoke and mirrors' spin that had been perfected over his term and a half in office and took the chance of involving himself in a situation that i'm sure he convinced himself would be fully resolved within a year tops. 'Blair-Force One' looks like an attempt at faux presidential splendour and just another sign that the man is desperate to angle the position of PM towards something approaching the regard in which US Presidents are held('My President, right or wrong'). He could of course just be another dead beat world leader on his last legs looking for something to impress chumps like Berlusconi and Bush with before he fucks off to the House Of Lords once and for all.


Billy said...

I was watching a TV programme about deputy prime ministers the other night and I was shocked how young Blair looked.

He's had it now.

ill man said...

I think long terms of political leadership have the effect of rapidly ageing people. I mean, who hasn't aged a hundred years with that wanker at the controls?

Anonymous said...
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