Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Have To Admit I Pissed Myself Laughing

I still can't believe Tommy Sheridan won this.............. Do I believe him? Well..............Not having followed it all I can only say that neither side provided anything that can be described as conclusive evidence either way. Force of personality seems to have won this for Sheridan. What is fairly certain is that the SSP members called to give evidence against him made an absolute fucking arse of things.

Anyway, he could have been filmed shagging donkeys and smoking crack whilst consuming absinthe from a drip and I wouldn't have cared. I'd still back him over the subhumans that run the Sun and the News Of The World. That's the level of humanity on which I and it would seem the jury in this case regard the Murdoch press. I foresee appearances on Have I Got News For You, Newsnight and Celebrity Love Island...............

Spied this on my canal walk yesterday. Is this a declaration of love on the part of the junkie or is it a dig at 'Johnny' since he came of the skag?


Clairwil said...

Yes I too am cackling, particularly when I saw the papers today and the triumphant Tommy was on every front page. I'm half minded to join the SSP in time to cause mayhem at the conference in October.

GreatSheElephant said...

My immediate reaction was to be reminded of the Jeffrey Archer libel case

ill man said...

If I were TS i'd leave the SSP to rot. I don't think he needs them.

As for the Archer comparison, there are certainly similar threads, but i'm not sure NI will ever find anything to prove their case. Whilst their witnesses were plentiful, none of them were terribly credible or of an independent enough nature to convince a jury. The evidence seems to have been quite spartan. The minute of the meeting seems to have been of dubious veracity and whilst i'd imagine phone records would make fairly compelling evidence, they must have been fairly easily debunked(I missed that bit).

The onus is on them(News International, the SSP) to find something or someone that nails "Shagger Sheridan" for the promiscuous, booze and drugs guzzling hypocrite they believe him to be. Otherwise, they may have to take a flying fuck to themselves.

GreatSheElephant said...

I'd be tempted to believe that he's had a number of affairs but the more florid stuff was made up.

Anyhow, time to keep an eye for a wee while on Mrs S. buying bricks and lengths of rope.