Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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Good Evening!

Ok, in a decent mood tonight for no particular reason. Yes, even after hearing about a passenger rebellion on an aeroplane in which feelings ran high regarding a couple of 'dusky chaps' with beards 'speaking foreign'. The culprits were ejected and found to be...........completely fucking harmless!!! I shall refrain from letting you know what fate I wish had befallen the shitbags that orchestrated this little witch-hunt. Bunch of craven, fear riddled bedwetters. You can bet yer fucking arse that any suicide bomber worth his or her salt will have taken every precaution NOT to look or act anything like a devout Muslim. Or is that too difficult a concept for them to understand?


On an altogether more pleasant topic, I hear Katy Newton (and possibly few others) are having a little bit of trouble with that puzzle I posted up about a week ago. In all fairness to Katy, she's solved it, but like myself she wasn't 100% sure how or why.

It would be far too troublesome and confusing to actually post the full solution, so my tips are...............

1- It takes seventeen moves to complete the game (a move being one crossing of the river)

2- The policeman and criminal combination is the key. Use them in the first, middle and last moves of the game.

3- Yes, I am an arsehole.


Steven said...

If you can't speak a foreign language on a plane then where can you speak a foreign language. You have to expect that international passengers will speak (shock horror) international languages. If there was any justice the instigators would suffer a similar fate when travelling through Dubai.

Billy said...

I'm impressed the passengers were able to know they were speaking Arabic. *rolls eyes*

ill man said...

Well, having seen pictures of them in todays Mirror, I can now reveal that they weren't wearing religious garb (where did I get that one from?)

They were two young guys off for a holiday. Apparently they were wearing leather jackets. Not sure what significance that has. According to the paper they were a bit nonplussed, but at the same time seemed to understand the paranoia of the other passengers.

I'd still have been spitting feathers and calling them all the bastards under the sun.

It's just sad to see fear gripping people like that.

Billy said...

I saw that too. They were speaking Urdu apparently.

Confusing Urdu with Arabic is like confusing English for Polish.