Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Nice little Post About Nothing Much. Contains Moderate Swearing

Hello! Oh dear, it would seem I have the dribbling illiterate bastard cousin of writers block. Bloggers Block!!! Everything seems to be happening to everyone else at the moment. As you all know, Clairwil has been recieving threats from anonymous goons. In all probability these are empty threats, but they're no less disturbing for it. So many creepy, unpleasant people out there. I wish they'd all go and find hobbies to keep themselves occupied. Billy's second podcast is up. I haven't listened to it yet, but if his first was owt to go by it'll be worth bending an ear to. As far as the 'Young Blogger Of The Year' poll is concerned it's Sandra at Over Here in the lead with 23% , Tampon Teabag in second with 12% and Oye Billy in third with 6%. The rest are all resting on between 2-4% of the vote. Yawn! So very tired right now. I should be in my kip. Ok, what's next? Well, apparently Patrick Moore is a Partick Thistle fan. Or at least he has elected to turn up on the ptfc.net message board to dispense his pearls of wisdom. Quite inspiring. Oh, and final proof that the baby boomers still have us by the scrote. Lord almighty!, won't that hideous relic of a record just bloody sink beneath the waves forever? For those who didn't hit the link, it would seem Sargie Peppy is still the greatest record ever or something. Bollocks! If for some reason you are STILL listening to this cod- psychedelic crap and thinking to yourself "By jove, this is the greatest album ever made" then might I suggest it's one of only a dozen or so cd's that you actually own and by those limited paramaters, then yes, it's bound to sound pretty fucking brilliant next to Phil Fucking Collins and Pink Fucking Floyd. I shouldn't get so angry, it is radio 2 listeners that voted after all. I'm sure Astral Sodding Weeks and London Ruddy Calling are in there. A million others too tedious to mention too. I have the same problem when the critics vote for their "Bestest Ever Album Ever, Ever, Ever (until the next time we're asked)". Pet Sounds maybe, or Ok Computer. What about Nevermind................? No fucker would care but it invariably reaches the newsgroups and the tabloids and the 'Talking Head Pollshows' hosted by Graham Norton or Jimmy Carr and then the collective unconscious and then every bastard in the world will opine cluelessly about how 'Hey Jude' was written by Macca about John Lennon's son Julian and how he kept the nonsense lyrics about shoulders in cos like, Lennon thought they were really deep and should stay in there and blahblahblahblah. All recounted like the bastards were at the actual recording session. I sit near one of these 2nd hand rock history bores at work. Forgive my bitterness.

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