Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ill Man Makes A Tape (Edited Hilights)

I write this with Willie Nelson humming sweet nothings in my ear. Something about 'Can I Sleep In Your Arms Tonight'. If only Willie.................... There are times, believe me, but it's outweighed by the desire to be left the hell alone mostly............. Pet Sounds. The song 'Hang On To Your Ego' to be specific. They had to change the title of the song for the album. It ended up something wet and pissy like 'I Love You Very Much' or 'My Sisters Diptheria Is Clearing Up A Little Now'. ............Or was that the last Anal Cunt album? I can't tell the difference anymore. Iron and Wine. Bastards! Sneak up on me like that with a bunch of songs I can't help playing over and over and never get tired of.................Like all great albums, I didn't give it time of day when I bought it. Makes me think I should go and find that Modest Mouse album and give it another go.................Then I remember that they suck. Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks is one of those songs I love because I can sing along to the high harmonies. Like a great big girly. Yeah!! Also, the words make me laugh. That's important. If the words can make me laugh, cry or commit mass murder, then they're obviously on the right track. The Boo Radleys. I liked the Boo Radleys, even though history tells me that virtually nobody else did. 'I Hang Suspended' is about three minutes long, seems to be utterly meaningless and is essentially what The Beatles would have sounded like had they been given access to a bank of FX pedals. One other bit of news. The Blind Winger is back in the aether. Let him into your homes and ask no questions.


Billy said...

Hang onto Your Ego turned into I Know There's An Answer. 'Twas that Mike Love's fault as the original words slagged off Transcendetal Meditation (although he claimed that he thought it was about drugs)


Rob7534 said...

Best title ever, "'My Sisters Diptheria Is Clearing Up A Little Now'"

The Blind-Winger Jones said...

Thank you sir for the kind mention !

lism. said...

Hello there. I have just randomly stumbled across your blog on a bored afternoon at work, and thought it would be only polite to let you know I've been reading. You going to the Ryan Adams show on Friday night?

ill man said...

Billy, it was indeed DJ Mic Luv who got his drainpipes in a twist over the title and some of the lyrics. I don't think he was into TM at that point though.

Rob, she's doing fine now and should be out in time for our coach trip to Blackpool.

Blind Winger, it's a pleasure.

Lism, I had no idea Mr Adams was playing. The last gig I was at was my own. Before that I remember seeing Morrissey at the Barrowlands about fifty years ago. I wouldn't mind going to be honest, but i'm a bit strapped for cash right now. Cheers for stopping in and all that, hope I made a difference to yr afternoon, even if it was just to finally send you off to sleep............=D