Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last Lines

I Nicked this idea off Alan, who nicked it off someone else................I also seem to remember Billy doing one some months back. The idea here though is to guess the song and artist from the last line rather than the first. Everyone knows the first line to a song. Do they know the last though? Some are easy, some are not. At least one is so perversely hard that I might award a prize of sorts to the person that get's it. Don't worry, I won't try to send you anything in the mail......

The rules? No Lyric Googling!!!

1-'I'm Not Commodity' - REM: King Of Comedy - Lism

2-'....And You Don't Know How Much I Love You'

3-'She Will Be Your Living End' - David Bowie: Lady Grinning Soul - Binty McShae

4-'In The Slipstream We Will Stay, Stay Away' - Pavement: Starlings In The Slipstream - Flying Rodent

5-'It's Hard For Me But I'm Trying'

6-'Now That You're Here Tell Me You're A Non Believer'

7-'These Things I'll Be Until I Die' - Beach Boys: 'Till I Die - Binty McShae

8-'Let's Go Play By The Beach' - The Pixies: Vamos - Binty McShae

9-'You See Of Late She's Been Quite Speechless, Very Speechless, She's Got Everything'

10-'It's Dr Martens A-P-O-C-A-L-Y-P-S-E - APOCALYPSE!

11-'Just Wishing That I Had Something You Wore' - The Pixies: Cactus - Billy

12-'Until The Razor Cuts' - Buzzcocks: Love You More - Binty McShae

13-'Sloppy Lips To Lips, You're My Vitamins Cause I Love You' - Nirvana: Drain You - Flying Rodent

14-'Hello EMI, Goodbye..... A&M' - Sex Pistols: EMI - Clairwil

15'Dance, Dance, Dance To The Radio' - Joy Division: Transmission - Billy

16'We're Standing On The Edge' - Radiohead: Lucky - Binty McShae

17'Because The Sky Was A Womans Arms'

18'See I've Already Waited Too Long And All My Hope Is Gone' - The Smiths: How Soon Is Now - Flying Rodent *

Get cracking!

I also realise that I maybe don't have the readership to do this properly, but what the hell, bring yr friends....................

* Technically not the last line, but I was going from memory on that one. FR gets it as he got the song correct.


FlyingRodent said...

At a guess, I'd say that 4 is Starlings in the Slipstream, 13 is Drain You and 18 is How Soon is Now.

14's surely the Pistols, but I'll be damned if I can remember which one.

Do I win anything?

ill man said...


Your entries have been noted however.

Udge said...

1. Public Image, "Public image"

I would have got 18 had I been here earlier, but such is life. A nice change on the usual quiz!

Udge said...

Oh, I just saw that FR was wrong about the Smiths. Duh. In that case:

18 The Smiths, "Son and heir"

ill man said...

Hi Udge. Guess it was you that started all this off eh? =D

No1 isn't Public Image by PIL. Try again.

FR is correct on 18. It is How Soon Is Now.

Billy said...

Oooh this looks fun...

Is 11 Cactus by the Pixies?
And is 15 Joy Division? Aaagh, don't know the title... Transmission???

1 is familiar.

lism. said...

No, #1 is King of Comedy by REM! Admittedly that's the only one I know off the top of my head...

ill man said...

Billy, Lism, all correct. I'll have them up soon.

Clairwil said...

14 is EMI by the Sex Pistols.

Binty McShae said...

Number 3 - 'Lady Grinning Soul' by David Bowie

Number 8 - 'Vamos' by The Pixies

Number 12 - 'Love You More' by The Buzzcocks

Number 16 (the 'easy' one, in my humble opinion) - 'Lucky' by Radiohead

Got a feeling that number 7 is a Beach Boys track as well, from the album "Surf's Up" (?), but I no longer have the CD so I can't check... the last line may even be the track title?

Anonymous said...

Is 16 Hawkwind?

ill man said...

Binty!!!! Nobody was meant to get Vamos! You did though. Do tell............
The others are correct too.

Clairwil, it is indeed EMI.

Jules, great answer, but alas no.


ill man said...

As for No7, you are correct about the band and the album. It's yours if you can give me the song name.

Binty McShae said...

Okay... stab in the dark (and because it's in the line) - Number 7 is "Until I Die"?

I only got Vamos because I was listening to it on the way to work yesterday...!

Oh, and is the mis-spelling of my name deliberate after my post of a couple of weeks back...?

ill man said...

Binty, not at all. Actually, until you made that post I'd never have dreamt of spelling McShae as 'McShea'. Shows what an arse the guy emailing you was. I was putting yr name in and couldn't remember which way round it was. I confuse easily, I am 95 you know...........

I'll just pootle off and change it.

Binty McShae said...'ve got me started now! Nip 'round to mine and see how you fare on the lyrical quiz there...

Anonymous said...

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