Monday, September 11, 2006

Must. Write. Something.

Evening all! You can find out what I got up to at the weekend over at The Gyp. The report will be up in time............Just enjoy the pictures for now. I definitely made the right choice on saturday. The other option for the weekend was a trip to Firhill to watch Partick Thistle. At 4.45 pm I was Standing in a pub in North Berwick watching the scores coming in like the expectant fool I am. A 5-1 defeat had me muttering into my pint and looking for a corner to sulk in. The fact I'd missed what was obviously another Firhill collapsing clown car special did bring me a little consolation. Anyway, it's impossible to be unhappy for long when the weather is so good and you've spent a fair portion of the day communing with nature and gazing down on humanity from on high. Ok, maybe not 'communing' exactly, but getting fairly close to it. What else.............. I found the official site giving 'information' about the new extension to the M74 motorway. Basically it's another fuck off big motorway being rammed through the heart of Glasgow. Just what we fucking need. It doesn't help that the Scottish Executive have rail-roaded this proposal through, despite the fact that the independent report advised against it, the locals don't want it and the alleviation of congestion on the M8 will in the long term be negligible. You build more roads, you just get more cars to fill them up. Fuckwits! The site makes banal, yet surreal reading. Of course, some things never change Do any of my readers live in the construction zone for this thing? Do any of my readers think this can only be of benefit to the city? Do any of my readers give a shit? The basic problem is that the current motorway system through Glasgow was never properly finished and it carries far more traffic than it was designed to take. The story of the proposed inner ringroad and the multitude of other motorways that were going to link to it can be found here. The vision of the mentalist who conceived it all at the end of the war can be found here, here and here. If Mr Bruce had got his way the City Chambers, the cathedral and various Rennie MacIntosh buildings would have been raised to the ground. How wonderful! I suppose you have to take into account the fact that he was a man of his time. Urban planning was very much in vogue at the end of the war and he wasn't the only one whose desire it was to rid a European industrial cities of their appalling poverty and overcrowding. Still, it still seems like lunatic vandalism to want to wipe out the majority of buildings in a city centre regardless of whether they were good or bad purely in the name of 'starting anew'. Anyway, now you all know i'm a secret motorway nerd ("~). .........and yes, such people do exist. The 'Pathetic Motorways' site I linked to is but the tip of the iceberg. It's fairly amusing at least. Just through googling some keywords regarding the subject at hand, I have tumbled over some of the most pedantic, pointless human beings you will never want to meet. I suppose it's about par for the course with such subject matter.


Anonymous said...

Entirely irrelevant to this post, for which I apologise, but I've just been listening to your music via Clairwil. You're good, I like it. :)

ill man said...

Thanks Jules. I hope to get more up in time. Transferring stuff from analogue to digital is a pain though. Might have to see about getting some more studio time.

I know you have your hands full with J but do you get much done musically these days?

Anonymous said...

Sadly not. :( I miss it. Lots. I'm looking forward to hearing more of yours though. :D